Surgery is a major medical procedure for which a person should receive the highest degree of care and caution on behalf of the surgeon and the surgical staff. Unfortunately, a surgeon or his surgical team may leave a foreign object inside of the patient receiving the surgery. Such foreign objects include medical tools such as: sponges, gauze, surgical instruments, needles, and bandages inside of the patient.

Such negligence on behalf of the surgeon, the surgical team, or the hospital may lead to a worsened medical condition in the form of infections, severe damage to organs or physiological systems, pain, and even death.

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Our law firm has a team of experienced medical and legal experts that will work together to determine the extent of the physical harm a patient has sustained as a result of the foreign object. If you feel that you, or a loved one, have been a victim of a foreign object, please contact our offices for immediate attention at 1-888-GINARTE.