State laws in New York and New Jersey are designed to protect everyone from injuries caused by falling objects. Whether the accident occurs on a construction site or out on a busy city sidewalk, a legal remedy is available to the injured victim. The New York and New Jersey construction accident lawyers at the Ginarte law firm can help you if a falling object has hurt you or someone you love. In addition to workers’ compensation benefits, injured construction workers could be entitled to money from responsible third parties such as; general contractors, developers, property owners, or subcontractors. Non-workers can also pursue a claim against the negligent parties, who played a role in causing the falling object accident.

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About Falling Object Accidents In New York & New Jersey

There is the potential for a falling object accident wherever people are working on elevated surfaces and other people are present below. There are specific safety rules designed to prevent objects from being dropped, but serious accidents can happen when those rules are not enforced. Everyone present on a construction site should wear a hardhat and goggles to protect their head and eyes from falling objects. It might also be necessary to install safety nets, or lines, to prevent dropped objects from hurting people below.

Some of the worst falling object injuries result from heavy tools and equipment that drop to a lower level. However, even a small object like a nail or other debris could cause serious eye, or other, injuries if dropped from heights.

Some common injuries that result from falling object accidents include; traumatic brain injuries (TBI), broken bones, eye injuries, fractured skulls, paralysis (including paraplegia and quadriplegia),deep cuts, and even death.

If your workplace wasn’t safe, you could be entitled to damages for your falling object injury. Our New York and New Jersey construction accident attorneys have extensive experience bringing these claims. We work with experts and investigators to determine the cause and origin of the falling object, and use that evidence to bring a suit to secure damages for your injuries.

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